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How to post pictures
« on: April 20, 2006, 12:35:24 PM »
Here is a short tutorial on how to post pictures in you messages.

There are basically two methods for posting pictures. Method “A.” is a little more technical, but will last longer and you can share it with others.  Method ”B.” is easier to do, but is only temporary because of limited server space.

Method "A." uses a third party to host the picture on the internet.  You can use services like,,,, or others to host your pictures. Most of these services are free, in return that want to sell you hardcopies of your pictures and other things.  You will need to have an account with one of these hosts, for this example, we with use

Open an account then up load your picture like this…

You will need to find the location of the picture on your computer.  Most likely it will be located under My Pictures under My Documents.

Once you have the picture uploaded and can see the picture on photobucket, then click on the area to the right of “Img:” and do a “Ctrl+C” or “right click Copy”.

Then come back to the message you want the picture to be in. And click the area of the message and do a “CTRL+V” or “right click Paste”.  Then post your picture, try out the preview if you want to check it out.

Some picture hosts may not have the code ready for you to click on (that is one think I really like about In that case you will need to figure out the path to your picture.  A path should look similar to this…

Once you have the path figured out click on the button shown with the red circle around it with the “A.” next to it.  This button will automatically insert the '[ img] [/img]' code for you all you would need to do in put the path between them.

If you don’t want to use a picture host like then you might want to check and see if you have some web page space (I.E. server space) that comes along with you internet account, SBC DSL and RoadRunner do have web page space, check with them for details.  

Method “B.” uses the attachment feature of the message board.  Click on the “Browse “button to the right of the “Attach:” the red circle with “B.” next to it.  Then locate you’re the picture on your computer. Most likely it will be located under My Pictures under My Documents.  Then hit “open” and when you click the Post button your picture will be uploaded.  The files must be less then 500KB and you can only upload one file per post,  go ahead and make more post if you have more pictures.

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