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Rules and Posting Etiquette Guidelines.


Welcome, this board if for fly fishers of all types, we welcome divergent views and inquiries from all levels of enthusiast, from novice to expert.  The only dumb question is the one you don't ask, just please be clear and detailed when you ask any questions and please put it in the right section it falls under. 
Rules for message board / Forum: 
1.  No religious or political posts - these will be DELETED. 
2.  Personal attacks will not be accepted.   We do not tolerate posts or PMs (personal messages) that are either rude, derogatory, or insulting.
3.  Posting Flames or Trolling is not allowed.

4.   Naming stream names from the following states is not allowed, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan Iowa & Illinois.  Please name the County / State or nearby town of the stream you are writing about.

The exceptions to this rule are All Warm Water and the following Wisconsin streams and rivers...
Big Green River, Black Earth Creek, Bois Brule River, Border Brule, Castle Rock Creek, Kinnickinnic River
Little Wolf River, Mecan River, Peshtigo River, Prairie River, Rush River, Timber Coulee
Tomorrow/Waupaca River, West Fork of the Kickapoo, White River-Ashland/ Bayfield,
Willow River, Wolf River

4.    Advertising, Solicitation and Spamming are not allowed. You may add a text link to your business in the signature of your post.  For advertising opportunities on this web site contact the administrator.  Spammers will be banned without notice.

5.   Each person is allowed one account. Each person must have a valid email address in their profile. 
Account without a valid email address maybe suspended until a valid email is supplied. 

6.   Rules and their interpretations are subject to change at the whim of the staff.   Post will be removed of modified if they break the rules. (I.E. Additional rules and guidelines may be added in the future as needed.) 

If you break these rules then you may receive a warning. On the third warning you will be banned permanently.   Blatant violations may result in a ban without warning.

This is a private site, access to it is a privilege not a right, & is conditional upon you abiding by the rules and guidelines.   If you have any problems with a post or PM please send a message to a moderator and appropriate action can be taken. 

Please take some time to look over the whole site. Click on the link to see the whole site.     
Steve Heuser 
AKA Sir_trout


Since the start of this board I have often thought about how this board should be aligned when it comes to view points, opinions and politics. Should it be aligned with the Left or Right side of the Fly Fishing World?  It would be rather easy to pick a side and just kick out those who did not share the same view point as has happened on so many other boards.

The answer I came up with is not to align the board with either side, but keep the board a place where any side can express their view points or opinions, honestly, politely, respectfully and openly.


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