Author Topic: 11 Best Places to Fly Fish in Wisconsin: Maps Included - Guide Recommended???  (Read 980 times)

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I saw this on my news feed on my phone.  So I took a look and I could not believe how bad it was with so much misleading info.  I clicked on the maps for the Brule and the Pine and I thought I would not go fishing there for trout.

How many mistakes can you find?

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The Root? Seriously?

Fish behind the pile of shopping carts and just down from the cracked Frisbee. Make sure to bring gloves to remove the used condom that will fold around your leader knot. Avoid stepping on the corpses.


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That thing is a farce. Just one example is the Pine river. They intertwined the one in the northern part of the state and the Pine in Waushara co. Who the heck put that site together.
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